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The Use of Criminal History in Hiring

Published on 24th October, 2014 under Labor Law

New Jersey recently joined the growing movement to “Ban the Box.” This is an attempt to facilitate reentry for those who have served their time. It also promotes fair employment outcomes for those with criminal convictions. In August 2014, New Jersey joined six other states in limiting the use of criminal history in the employment ….

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Missed Promotion Due to Race

Published on 23rd October, 2014 under Race Discrimination

Sylvia Clayton was clear to her employer. She wanted a promotion to Master Cashier. Over the course of several years, she was constantly told to be patient. Multiple managers told her they were working on her promotion. After her company promoted others instead of her, she eventually sued for racial discrimination. Her case recently survived ….

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Sexual Harassment Suit Against a Wall Street Firm

Published on 22nd October, 2014 under Sexual Harassment

A former NYG Capital employee, Hanna Bouveng, sued the Wall Street firm for sexual harassment. She accuses the multi-national, billion dollar company of sexual harassment and unlawful termination based on the behavior of CEO Benjamin Wey. The suit accuses Wey of being a “virulent sexual harasser and stalker.” Bouveng alleges that she was subjected to ….

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Watch What You Post on Social Media About a Case

Published on 21st October, 2014 under Employment Discrimination

With millions of active members, social media sites are a great way to connect with friends and family. People share anything and everything about their lives, families, successes and failures. Even when set to “private,” posts can end up being shared in ways you might not want or expect. In a court case, any comment ….

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Whistleblower Activity – Medical Device Fraud

Published on 20th October, 2014 under Whistleblowing

The medical field is expanding as American society grows and ages. The public trusts medical professionals and companies to protect the health and safety of their patients. When that trust is breached, the only way the public may find out is due to the actions of a brave employee of the company willing to step ….

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