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Prohibited Employer Anti-Union Activities

Published on 22nd September, 2015 under Business Litigation, Employment Discrimination

Most employers are not fond of labor unions. They may see them as disruptive, counterproductive, and a source of unwanted expenses. However, both the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Taft-Hartley Act prohibit employers from discriminating against employees for participating in union activities. This leaves many employers asking what they can and cannot do ….

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Happy Hour, Company Outings, and Sexual Harassment: Does the Line End at the Close of Company Work Hours?

Published on 21st September, 2015 under Business Litigation, Harasssment, Sexual Harassment

Many employers want to build morale and esprit de corps by encouraging after hours events, like happy hours, company sports leagues, cookouts, etc. While these events can be a great way for employers to get to know their employees, and for workers to socialize with one another off the clock, they can also create questions ….

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Motions to Dismiss: Stopping the Lawsuit

Published on 18th September, 2015 under Business Litigation

When someone gets sued, a common response is to want to push the case to trial as quick as possible. Our long, proud tradition of American justice has made many of us prefer the outcome of a trial over the pretrial legal wrangling that many view as “technicalities.” Somewhere along the way, the idea of ….

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