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When Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

Published on 17th April, 2015 under Labor Law

Non-competition, or non-compete, agreements are becoming more popular as industry becomes more paranoid about protecting trade secrets and customer lists. For many white-collar professionals and office workers, signing one is a condition of new or continued employment. This places employees in a high-pressure situation where they can lose a job but also compromise their ability ….

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Can Non-Compete Agreements Be Invalidated?

Published on 16th April, 2015 under Labor Law

A non-compete agreement is a contract, and contracts can be invalidated for a specific legal reasons. There are several elements necessary to create a contract in the first place, and most non-compete agreements drafted by lawyers will certainly contain those elements. If you have signed a non-compete agreement with your current employer or a former ….

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The Impact of Non-solicitation Clauses

Published on 15th April, 2015 under Labor Law

A non-solicitation clause may be part of the employment agreement you sign with an employer. It may also be a significant section in a non-compete agreement. In either case, you need to understand the impact of signing an agreement prohibiting you from reaching out to customers and business contacts you meet while working for a ….

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What is Constructive Termination in NJ?

Published on 14th April, 2015 under Labor Law

Constructive termination is also called constructive discharge or constructive dismissal. These are the legal terms for a situation that’s very common, but not necessarily understood by the employees who experience it. It describes the harsh realities or intolerable circumstances that make it necessary for an employee to quit instead of waiting to be fired. In ….

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Moving On: Intolerable Conditions And Constructive Discharge

Published on 13th April, 2015 under Labor Law

There are the usual complaints about work: stolen lunches, loud cubicle neighbors, and whether the temperature is too hot or too cold. Some complaints arise to a higher level where it is impossible to continue working. Verbal abuse, discrimination, and hostility often lead employees to leave jobs in order to preserve mental or physical health. ….

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