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Defending Against Attack Damages in a Lawsuit: How Social Media Can Help

When seeking a strategy to attack damages in a litigation, defense lawyers make it their mission to use anything and everything at their disposal to strengthen the case of their client. In today’s digital age, this means taking to the web and using a wide range of internet resources, which can include access to a ….

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Ways Illegal Immigrants Are Discriminated Against

Published on 18th February, 2015 under Race Discrimination

If you are an undocumented immigrant working in New Jersey and have suffered racial discrimination, you may have an employment law case. According to federal and New Jersey state law, a business or government agency is not allowed to discriminate against you based on race. If you think that you have been illegally discriminated against, ….

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Race Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Suit Against Queens McDonalds

Published on 17th December, 2014 under Race Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

This past summer, two employees of a McDonalds located in Queens, New York, filed a lawsuit against their employer, alleging both sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Both employees, who are black women, allege that their supervisor, a white man, inappropriately touched them and made remarks that degraded them based on their race. This case, Harris, ….

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What to Do After Being Racially Discriminated Against in the Workplace

Published on 10th December, 2014 under Race Discrimination

Over the years, the American workforce has become increasingly diverse, and subsequently has benefited from the experience and perspectives of a multitude of people with different life stories. Despite this progress, however, the specter of racial discrimination in the workplace can still appear. Although racial discrimination has been made explicitly illegal under various state and ….

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Missed Promotion Due to Race

Published on 23rd October, 2014 under Race Discrimination

Sylvia Clayton was clear to her employer. She wanted a promotion to Master Cashier. Over the course of several years, she was constantly told to be patient. Multiple managers told her they were working on her promotion. After her company promoted others instead of her, she eventually sued for racial discrimination. Her case recently survived ….

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