NY and NJ Lead Poisoning Lawyers

What Type or Lead Poisoning Claim Do You have?

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People living in New Jersey and New York are still poisoned by lead and lead products every day despite strict laws to prevent lead exposure and to remediate existing lead contaminates. According to the Center for Disease Control, at least 4 million households have children living in them that are exposed to lead levels of concern. Many industries still use lead in manufacturing, putting workers at risk.

Lead poisoning is also most common, and most damaging, in very young children. Exposure to lead-based paint is the primary source of lead poisoning, which is typically contributed by negligent landlords who refuse to remediate lead in their properties in an effort to cut costs. The health risks posed by lead-based paint are serious, dangerous, and require immediate medical care.

If you believe you or someone you know has contracted lead poisoning, you need to contact an experienced New York or New Jersey lead poisoning lawyer who will advise you about your rights.