Defending Against Attack Damages in a Lawsuit: How Social Media Can Help

When seeking a strategy to attack damages in a litigation, defense lawyers make it their mission to use anything and everything at their disposal to strengthen the case of their client. In today’s digital age, this means taking to the web and using a wide range of internet resources, which can include access to a […]

How to File a New York Age Discrimination Claim

As life expectancy in the United States progressively increases, so does the amount of time that someone can stay in the workforce. Skilled workers with decades of experience are paid higher than those who are just starting out in the industry, and rightly so. However, this means that an increasing number of workers over 55 […]

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

By 2022, workers over 55 will make up a quarter of the United States workforce. With so many older Americans working, you wouldn’t think age discrimination would be a problem, but it is and victims should be compensated. What Is Age Discrimination? Age discrimination occurs when an employer fires or doesn’t hire someone because of […]