Understanding Sexual Harassment in NYC

New York City is a vibrant and diverse metropolis, but unfortunately, like any other community, it is not immune to the pervasive issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. Understanding what constitutes sexual harassment, knowing your rights, and being aware of the appropriate steps to take is crucial for fostering a safe and respectful environment. […]

Defending Against Attack Damages in a Lawsuit: How Social Media Can Help

When seeking a strategy to attack damages in a litigation, defense lawyers make it their mission to use anything and everything at their disposal to strengthen the case of their client. In today’s digital age, this means taking to the web and using a wide range of internet resources, which can include access to a […]

Harassment in the Workplace – When Enough Is Enough

For many Americans, the workplace is where they spend most of their waking hours. It’s where people meet not only to work, but to talk, make friends, socialize, and develop both personally and professionally. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the work environment is free from harassment, and New Jersey has […]

Sexual Harassment – Crossing the Line

Physical Contact: Where is the Line? It is not uncommon for people in the workplace to have physical contact with each other. It happens all the time in completely acceptable ways. For example, if someone does a great job on a project, he or she may receive a handshake, high five, or pat on the […]