When Is an Employer Required to Compensate Employees for Time Spent Dressing for the Job?

The issue of compensating employees for time spent dressing in their work uniforms, especially when it involves specialized protective gear, has been a subject of legal scrutiny and debate for decades. This matter holds particular importance in industries where safety regulations mandate the use of such gear. While some states have explicitly included these activities […]

Defending Against Attack Damages in a Lawsuit: How Social Media Can Help

When seeking a strategy to attack damages in a litigation, defense lawyers make it their mission to use anything and everything at their disposal to strengthen the case of their client. In today’s digital age, this means taking to the web and using a wide range of internet resources, which can include access to a […]

New Jersey Non-Compete Law: Have You Violated it?

In the state of New Jersey there is no state or federal law governing non-compete agreements in general. Some professions, such as law and psychology, have rules of professional conduct addressing non-compete agreements, but they are not based on federal or state laws. Conceptually, courts in New Jersey tend to enforce restrictive covenants in non-compete […]

New Jersey Wage and Hour Laws

Nearly everyone in New Jersey has worked for someone else at some point in their lives. If you are one of the millions of people employed by someone else, then New Jersey’s wage and hour laws apply to you. But, many are unfamiliar with these laws, do not know how to fight back when an […]

How Long Can You Collect Unemployment in NJ?

The length of time you will be able to collect unemployment benefits in New Jersey depends on several factors. First, you must have been working in a regular job for at least 20 weeks, and then you must have lost that job through no fault of your own. These are the two basic criteria for […]

NJ FMLA: Your Rights for Leave

The Federal Family Medical Leave Act (1993) and NJ State law, the New Jersey Family Medical Leave Act have a few things that differ between the laws. Both provide certain employees with up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave, during which time they cannot lose their jobs, for specific family and medical reasons. Both the […]

Recent Constructive Termination Cases

One type of constructive termination case that concerns courts, especially as regards protecting the public, is retaliation against an employee for being a “whistleblower.” That is the well-publicized term used to describe employees who choose to testify (or to speak out / “leak”) information damaging to an employer, but significant to the safety of others, […]

Can Non-Compete Agreements Be Invalidated?

A non-compete agreement is a contract, and contracts can be invalidated for a specific legal reasons. There are several elements necessary to create a contract in the first place, and most non-compete agreements drafted by lawyers will certainly contain those elements. If you have signed a non-compete agreement with your current employer or a former […]