How a New Jersey Employment Law Attorney Can Help You

It’s easy to feel a bit lost when you’re having trouble at work or when you’re fired unexpectedly. New Jersey employers have obligations to follow federal and New Jersey state laws, but most employees don’t know the laws governing their employment or how those laws affect them personally.

Fortunately, a New Jersey employment law attorney can provide you with answers to your questions and give you some idea how the laws might apply to your unique circumstances.

Although the situation you’re facing may be new to you, thousands of other employees in the state may have filed complaints and even taken their employers to court for similar employment issues. Attorneys specializing in employment law keep up-to-date with changes brought about by federal and NJ state decisions. These changes can prove to be an advantage to you before and during a lawsuit.

How Do I Know If I Need Help?

You should seek legal help based on stories you hear or read about other people. In fact, the only way you’ll know whether your situation warrants legal action is to contact a New Jersey employment law attorney for advice. Everybody’s situation is different, and that’s what makes it hard to compare your work-related experience with the experience of other people.

There are some websites you, as an employee in the state of New Jersey considering the possibility of suing your employer, may want to explore,

– The Office of the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey’s Division of Civil Rights provides comprehensive information if you believe you have been the victim of discrimination.
– The United States Department of Labor (DOL) provides a web page with links to information and services the DOL provides to workers in the United States.
– The U.S. Small Business Administration has a web page with employment law assistance for workers and small businesses.
When you study the laws and you understand your rights as an employee in NJ, you have a good foundation for moving forward to obtain legal advice. But you do not get legal advice by reading government websites. They are for educational purposes only.

What Will an Attorney do For Me?

Once again, you can research all the websites listed above and you can come to your own conclusions regarding your employment situations, but it’s possible you’ll miss asking some important questions.

Speaking to a New Jersey employment law attorney is the best way to know how the facts apply to you, in your particular employment situation. The NJ Attorney General, the Department of Labor and the U.S. Small Business Administration give general information only. They cannot provide legal advice pertinent to you and a possible legal matter.

The first thing an employment law attorney will do for you is ask questions. Based on your answers, the attorney will provide advice developed with his experience and his knowledge of previous court decisions in New Jersey (and in other states) that may be applicable to your case.

Even very thorough, comprehensive information on the web is not going to give you customized legal advice based on your own circumstances. Only an experienced employment law attorney can do that for you.

In your New Jersey employment law matters, John J. Zidziunas & Associates will provide you with expert advising and possible court representation. For a consultation at no charge, contact us by email or by calling 973-509-8500.

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