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  • A person using Facebook on their phone and laptop.

    Defending Against Attack Damages in a Lawsuit: How Social Media Can Help

    When seeking a strategy to attack damages in a litigation, defense lawyers make it their mission to use anything and everything at their disposal to strengthen the case of their client. In today’s digital age, this means taking to the web and using a wide range of internet resources, which can include access to a […]

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  • An uber car in traffic.

    Uber Drivers: Employees or Independent Contractors?

    Uber is one of the hottest trends of the current time. Nearly anyone can sign up to be an Uber driver, and of course, everyone can commission a ride from the Uber service. It is one of the easiest ways to get from one point to another and is the most economical method in most […]

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  • Man holding a megaphone while speaking to a crowd. Very shallow DOF.

    What New York Contractors Need to Know about Prevailing Wage Laws

    If you’re a contractor in New York state, being aware of the legal aspects of your job is one key to your success. When you bid on contracts for projects funded by public money, you must submit schedules for the wages you plan to pay. Here’s what you need to know about prevailing wage in […]

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  • Man using calculator

    Prohibited Employer Anti-Union Activities

    Most employers are not fond of labor unions. They may see them as disruptive, counterproductive, and a source of unwanted expenses. However, both the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Taft-Hartley Act prohibit employers from discriminating against employees for participating in union activities. This leaves many employers asking what they can and cannot do […]

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